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Mickey mouse

The first ever mickey mouse sketch
The first ever mickey mouse sketch
Plane Crazy
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Plane Crazy
Steamboat Willie
Steamboat Willie
Evolution of mickey
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Evolution of mickey
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See all 4 photos

Mickey Mouse The making

It all started on November 18, 1928, when the history of Mickey Mouse began. It began when Walter Disney came up with his first character, a rabbit. He had long ears and a tail, and his name was Oswald. Oswald was not very popular, so Disney had to come up with something more exciting that every kid would like. One day when Walt Disney and his wife were coming back from a business trip, Lillian Disney thought of the name Mickey for the rabbit. Disney did not own Oswald, he was working in a company and was not getting any money for selling him. He was so mad that he decided to leave the company and think of his own character. She thought that he would be a great starting point for Walt Disney.

When Mickey first started out, he had bulky eyes and a long tail. Mickey’s arms and legs were as skinny as sticks, and his hands had no gloves on them. His body was shaped like a pear and was black. In the beginning, Mickey had red trousers, two large white buttons, and big shoes. They remained part of his character his entire life. Mickey’s tail was eventually dropped to save the cost of animation.

Mickey was not always as friendly as he is now. In fact, in “Steamboat Willie,” he was not nice at all. People complained that Mickey wasn’t very personable, so Disney changed him into a nicer character. He became the loveable character we know today.

What was the world's first Mickey Mouse cartoon?

If you are thinking Steamboat Willie, you would be wrong.

Mickey Mouse got his start a a twinkle in the eye of Walt Disney early in 1928 as Walt was returning home on a train.

Upon his return Walt got his head animator to create the world's first Mickey Mouse cartoon called Plane Crazy but not a single distributor bought it.

Undaunted, work began on the second Mickey Mouse cartoon; Gallopin'Gaucho, but it wasn't released until December 30 1928.

Inspired by the latest and greatest fad in movies, talkies, Walt Disney produced the third Mickey Mouse cartoon, Steamboat Willie, which made it's debut on November 18 1928 and is considered to be Mickey's birthday.

Steamboat Willie was the first Mickey Mouse cartoon aired to the public as well as the first with sound.

The Band Concert, released in 1935 was the first color Mickey Mouse cartoon.

On January 13, 1930, Mickey Mouse was in his first comic strip created by Ub Iwerks. To make this strip, Disney used a group of talented people to complete the job. Even though Walt Disney did not make this production entirely by himself, it turned out to still be good.

Mickey Mouse, as a character, was not by himself. There were many other characters that were created to be in productions with Mickey. Minnie was one of them. She was with him in “Steamboat Willie.” During this production, Pluto came along and was known as Minnie’s dog. Pluto was always with Mickey and they went through many adventures with each other. Then along came Goofy who acted like Mickey but was clumsier.

As time went on, Mickey became less popular as other characters were created by Disney, such as Donald Duck. Still, today people know Mickey for his charm and its kindness. Mickey Mouse is known as the most famous mouse of all time, and is the most famous character of Walt Disney.

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Kate 3 years ago

This blog is fantastic! Thank you!

TexasMouseketeer 3 years ago

You've got a "basic" understanding of how Mickey got his start. However, if you think that Walt "created" Oswald OR Mickey, you're sadly mistaken.

You need to view the video, "The Hand Behind the Mouse - the Ub Iwerks Story." Ub is mentioned in your article in passing, as he was Walt's head annimator. In fact, Ub Iwerks and Walt Disney were true partners. Your article makes it sound like Walt Disney did the illustrating, when in fact, he was more involved in the promotions and contractual aspects of Mickey. Roy Disney handled the finances, and Ub Iwerks did MOST of the annimations. Ub's wife Mildred, and Walt's wife Lillian did nearly all of the inking in the early Mickey Mouse days.

Not that Walt was "behind the scenes" at all, as he was VERY involved in the look (and sound) of Mickey. But, some of the info you've promoted here is not entirely accurate.

There are several good books and videos available about the early Mickey Mouse.

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